We’re Daggerwing Health,
an insight-driven, experience-making,
full-service healthcare change agency.

We look beyond the diagnosis to the Total Lived Experience to understand your customers and reach them at every step of their journey. Because when we help people change for the better, we all live better.

While other agencies compete to reach patients at the moment of diagnosis, we immerse ourselves in a person’s Total Lived Experience to find unique and actionable insights to support people at multiple points along their healthcare journey.

By understanding their lifestyles, hopes, and social determinants of health, we’re able to create meaningful tools and supportive messaging that doesn’t just break through — it makes a difference in their lives.

Call us crazy, but we believe you can’t get to groundbreaking creative without having innovative strategic thinking to guide you along the way. At Daggerwing Health, we’re skilled in translating data into unique strategic insights and motivating creative.

  • Brand launch/Relaunch

  • Instant Insights™

  • Frontier Group

  • Patient Centricity Quotient

  • Ecosystem Development

  • Branding & Design

  • Digital Services

  • PR/Advocacy/Public Health

  • Production

  • Experiential/Events

  • Social

Instant Insights™

Data development and management for marketing strategy

Frontier Group™

Bespoke communities to identify real-world insight, beta-test ideas, and build early brand advocacy

Patient Centricity Quotient™

Five-point guide to identify new and enhanced patient opportunities

Ecosystem Development

Consulting services to align customer needs and brands for seamless experience

Branding & Design

Customer-centric creative to communicate brand promise and connect with customers

Digital Services

Full-service, responsive design and execution (web, mobile, video, sound, etc.)

Public Health

Innovative approaches to influencer marketing and disease awareness


End-to-end, full-service, digital and print production, domestic and global


Custom, pop-up, healthcare-centric experiences at point of care, point of sale

Consumer/Patient Marketing and CRM

Data- and behavioral science–driven strategic and tactical approaches designed to support customer change


Full-service social strategy, planning, and execution. Agency certified (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc.)

Brand Launch/

Health and wellness brands from high science to primary care to health technology and adjacent health categories



Ewan is cofounder and CEO of Daggerwing Group, a marketing consulting firm that serves as a strategic resource to Fortune 500 companies looking to fuel growth.

Ewan has led executive-level sponsored projects with clients including GE Healthcare Life Sciences, Thomson Reuters, and Mercedes-Benz.


Violet is President of Daggerwing Health. Her dedicated focus to integrated healthcare marketing is driven by her passion for the psychology behind customer behavior.

Violet has been a trusted advisor to leading healthcare clients to develop strategically aligned, fully integrated, global brand communications. She’s led numerous launches across various categories with top healthcare companies including P&G, Merck, Pfizer, and more.


Cheryl is cofounder and President of Daggerwing Group and cofounded Daggerwing Health in 2004.

Cheryl helped Daggerwing Health successfully create and optimize ways to influence patient behavior at every step of their journey — improving people’s lives and client ROI. She has extensive experience managing consumer behavior across industries.

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We help our clients create and launch brands, drive multichannel acquisition and conversion, and build innovative patient support programs — all geared toward helping people take responsibility to change behaviors and achieve better health.

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